• S.1. A laboratory technician/assistant is available for the proper upkeep of the laboratory. View File
  • S.2. The institution has a Maintenance and Repair Department/Unit managed by skilled staff. View File


  • I.1. The institution keeps the laboratories neat, clean and orderly. View File
  • I.2. There is regular replenishment/replacement pf laboratory supplies and materials. View File
  • I.3. The inventory of laboratory facilities and equipment is systematically and periodically conducted. View File
  • I.4. The laboratory equipment/instruments are in good condition and are periodically calibrated. Calibration 1 of 4 Calibration 2 of 4 Calibration 3 of 4 Calibration 4 of 4
  • I.5. All equipment are coded, listed and inventoried. View File
  • I.6. Waste disposal is efficiently and effectively managed. View File
  • I.7. The following are properly maintained by trained staff/technicians:
    • I.7.1. shops; View File
    • I.7.2. computer laboratory; View File
    • I.7.3. multi-media center/educational technology center; View File
    • I.7.4. research facility;and View File
    • I.7.5. general education laboratory; View File
    • I.7.5.1. natural science/physical science; View File
    • I.7.5.2. speech laboratory; and La View File
    • I.7.5.3. physical education; and View File
    • I.7.5.4. others(please specify) Purchased Orders and Laboratory Inventory. View File View File


  • O.1. The laboratories and shops are functional and properly maintained. View File View File