Area IX



S.1 The laboratory layout conforms to acceptable standards (RA 6541-National Building Code of the Philippines/PD 856 “Code of Sanitation of the Philippines) and to particular needs of the Electrical Engineering program
S.2. Rooms have lightings conform to the standard requirements of fluorescent bulbs relative to the size of the room
S.3. The laboratories are properly lighted and well-ventilated.
S.4. Each laboratory room has at least two exit doors that open outward.
S.5. There is a laboratory for shop work for specific technologies.
S.6. There is a computer laboratory with at least 15 usable computer units and a printer.

I.1. Furniture/equipment arrangement allows free mobility and enables students to work comfortably without interference.
I.2. Safety and precautionary measures are implemented
I.3. Usable fire extinguishers are accessible to staff and students.
I.4. Laboratory Operations Manuals for the faculty and students are provided in each laboratory.
I.5. Demonstrations and training are periodically conducted on the proper use of fire extinguishers, first-aid kit and other emergency measures.
I.6. A well-equiped first-aid kit, charts for antidotes and neutralizing solutions are made available in each laboratory room.
I.7. A student’s access to a computer is at least 15 hours per term subject.
I.8. Appropriate laboratories for general subjects are adequately equipped and well-maintained.
I.9. A well-equipped Multimedia Center is maintained.
I.10. Gas, water and electricity are utilized for class laboratory activities.
I.11. A demonstration table, equipped with sink, water, electrical and gas outlets , is utilized.
I.12. Laboratory equipment, supplies and materials are kept in separate stock rooms.

O.1. The laboratories and shops are well-equipped, functional and are conducive to learning.


S.1. The equipment, instruments, and materials needed in the classrooms are available.
S.2. Apparatuses, tools and materials conform with the standards and – the specifications required for the subjects in accordance with the CMO of the Program.
S.3. Varied computer software is available.

I.1. Equipment are well-maintained.
I.2. Laboratory supplies and materials are wisely utilized.
I.3. Licensed computer software are installed and utilized.

O.1. The laboratory equipment, supplies and materials are sufficient and wisely utilized.


S.1. A laboratory technician/assistant is available for the proper upkeep of the laboratory.
S.2. The institution has a Maintenance and Repair Department/Unit managed by skilled staff.

I.1. The institution keeps the laboratories neat, clean and orderly.
I.2. There is regular replenishment/replacement pf laboratory supplies and materials.
I.3. The inventory of laboratory facilities and equipment is systematically and periodically conducted.
I.4. The laboratory equipment/instruments are in good condition and are periodically calibrated.
I.5. All equipment are coded, listed and inventoried.
I.6. Waste disposal is efficiently and effectively managed.
I.7. The following are properly maintained by trained staff/technicians:

I.7.1. shops;
I.7.2. computer laboratory;
I.7.3. multi-media center/educational technology center;
I.7.4. research facility; and
I.7.5. general education laboratory;

I.7.5.1. natural science/physical science;
I.7.5.2. speech laboratory; and
I.7.5.3. physical education; and
I.7.5.4. others(please specify)________________.

O.1. The laboratories and shops are functional and properly maintained.



S.1. Specific program requirements (listing of materials and equipment as per CMO 34 s 2008) are in accordance with guidelines/policies embodied in issurances, e.g. CMOs.

List of required laboratory equipment/apparatuses (The minimum required quantity is based on class size of 25)

Allied Subjects
S.2. Feedback and Control System Laboratory
S.2.1. computer workstation (5sets)
S.2.2. control system software ( 5 sets)
S.3. Principles of Communication Laboratory
S.3.1. AM Generator Module (5pcs)
S.3.2. AM Receiver Module, AM29618 (5pcs)
S.3.3. Amplitude Modulation(AM) Module (5pcs)
S.3.4. breadboard (5pcs)
S.3.5. capacitors, 1 nf (5pcs)
S.3.6. carbon resistors, 10 Kq (5pcs)
S.3.7. conecting wires (5pcs)
S.3.8. DC sourse (2pcs)
S.3.9. FM Generator Module (5pcs)
S.3.10. FM Receiver Module (5 pcs)
S.3.11. function generator (5 pcs)
S.3.12. multimeter (5 pcs)
S.3.13. oscilloscope (5 pcs)
S.3.14. oscilloscope probes (5 pcs)
S.3.15. personal computer (5 sets)
S.3.16. power supply,+/-15V DC regulated ( 5 pcs)
S.3.17. Practical Electronics Trainer (5 pcs)
S.3.18. software for simulation of AM(5pcs)
S.3.19. Tuned Circuits and Filter Module (5pcs)
S.3.20. Two-channel oscilloscope (5 pcs)
S.4 Electronic Devices and Circuits (Electronic 1)
S.4.1. analog multimeter (5 pcs)
S.4.2. breadboard (5pcs)
S.4.3. DC power supply (5 pcs)
S.4.4. desktop computer (5 pcs)
S.4.5. digital multimeter (5 pcs)
S.4.6. FET fundamentals circuits board with power supply (5pcs)
S.4.7. function generator (5 pcs)
S.4.8. oscilloscope (5 pcs)
S.4.9. semiconductor devices circuit board with power supply (5 pcs)
S.4.10. transistor amplifier circuit board with power supply (5 pcs)
S.5. Electronic Devices and Circuits (Electronic 2)
S.5.1. breadboard (5 pcs)
S.5.2. DC power supply (5 pcs)
S.5.3. Digital Circuit Training Module (5 pcs)
S.5.4. digital multimeter (5 pcs)
S.5.5. function generator (5 pcs)
S.5.6. operational amplifier circuit board (5 pcs)
S.5.7. oscilloscope (5 pcs)
S.5.8. transistor amplifier circuit board with power supply (5 pcs)
S.5.9. transistor feedback circuit board (5 pcs)
S.5.10. VOM (5pcs)
S.6. Industrial Electronics
S.6.1. breadboard (10pcs)
S.6.1. capacitors (10pcs)
S.6.3. DC motor (5pcs)
S.6.4. DC power supply (5 pcs)
S.6.5. Filter Experimental Module (5pcs)
S.6.6. function generation (5pcs)
S.6.7. lamp (10 pcs)
S.6.8. laser diode (10 pcs)
S.6.9. LED (10 pcs)
S.6.10. multimeter (5pcs)
S.6.11. oscilloscope (5pcs)
S.6.12. oscilloscope (5pcs)
S.6.13. PC Workstation (5 units)
S.6.14. photodiode (10 pcs)
S.6.15. photodiode (10 pcs)
S.6.16. PLC Training Module with simulation software for PLC (5pcs)
S.6.17. potentiometers (10pcs)
S.6.19. regulated variable DC power supply (5pcs)
S.6.20. SCRs (10pcs)
S.6.21. signal generator (5pcs)
S.6.22. SPST switches (10pcs)
S.6.23. Transducers and Transmitter Training Module ( 5 sets)
S.6.24. TRIACs (10pcs)
S.6.25. UJTs (10pcs)
S.7. Microprocessor Trainer (5pcs)
S.7.1. l/O board (5p[cs)
S.7.2. Microprocessor Trainer (5pcs)
S.7.3. stepper motor (5pcs)
S.8. Numerical Methods with Computer Application
S.8.1. PC with software for mathematical computation and programming (5pcs)
S.9. Electric Circuit 1
S.9.1. analog/digital DC ammeter (15pcs)
S.9.2. analog/digital DC mialliammeter (5pcs)
S.9.3. analog/digital DC voltmeter (5pcs)
S.9.4. analog/digital multimeter (5pcs)
S.9.5. analog/digital wattmeter (5pcs)
S.9.6. calibrated potentiometer (5pcs)
S.9.7. Circuit Training Kit/Module (5pcs)
S.9.8. connecting wires (5 sets)
S.9.9. rheostat(variable resistor) (15pcs)
S.9.10. square wave generator (5pcs)
S.9.11. strain gauge (95pcs)
S.9.12. variable capacitive load (5pcs)
S.9.13. variable inductive load (5pcs)
S.9.14. variable resisteve load (5pcs)
S.9.15. variable/fixed DC regulated power supply(5pcs)
S.10. Electric Circuits 2
S.10.1. AC ammeter (20pcs)
S.10.2. AC milliameter (10 pcs)
S.10.3. AC voltmeter (5pcs)
S.10.4. AC voltmeter (5pcs)
S.10.5. calibrated potentiometer (10pcs)
S.10.6. capacitive load (5 pcs)
S.10.7. circuit training kit/module (5pcs)
S.10.8. connecting wires (5 sets)
S.10.9. dual trace oscilloscope (5 pcs)
S.10.10. freeware for circuit analysis (5 sets)
S.10.11. function generator (5 pcs)
S.10.12. lnductive load (5pcs)
S.10.13. variable capacitive load (5 pcs)
S.10.14. variable inductive load (5pcs)
S.10.15. variable resistive load (15pcs)
S.10.16. wattmeter (5pcs)
S.11.3. Electric Circuits3
S.11.1. 3-phase inductive load (5 pcs)
S.11.2. AC voltmeter (30 pcs)
S.11.3. AC voltmeter (5pcs)
S.11.4. Analog/digital multimeter (5pcs)
S.11.5. connecting wires (5 sets)
S.11.6. fixed capacitors ( 15 pcs)
S.11.7. fixed inductor ( 15 pcs)
S.11.8. fixed resistor (15 pcs)
S.11.9. freeware for circuit analysis (5 sets)
S.11.10. lamp load (15 pcs)
S.11.11. rheostat ( 10 pcs)
S.11.12. single-phase capacitive load (5 pcs)
S.11.13. single-phase inductive load (5 pcs)
S.11.14. single-phase wattmeter (15 pcs)
S.11.15. three-phase power supply (5 units)
S.11.16. two winding transformer (5 units)
S.11.17. variable capacitor ( 15 pcs)
S.12. Electrical Equipment of Operation and Maintanance
S.12.1. 3- phase SCIM
S.12.2. 3-phase or 1-phase DC servo motor(5 pcs)
S.12.3. 3-phase or 1-phase SCR motor drive(5 units)
S.12.4. 3-phase transformer ( 10 units)
S.12.5. 3-pole,6A TOR(5 pcs)
S.12.6. 3-pole,9A contactor (5 pcs)
S.12.7. 3-pole,9A MCCB (5 pcs)
S.12.8. 4PDT control relay ( 5 pcs)
S.12.9. AC ammeter (30 pcs)
S.12.10. AC voltmeter (5pcs)
S.12.11. analog/digital multimeter (5pcs)
S.12.12. Auto-transformer with available secondary taps (60%,70% & 85 %) (10 units)
S.12.13. connecting wires (5 sets)
S.12.14. DC ammeter ( 5 units)
S.12.15. DC shunt motor ( 5 units)
S.12.16. digital multimeter (5 pcs)
S.12.17. disconnect switch, 3-pole,32A(5 pcs)
S.12.18. DMM ( 5 pcs)
S.12.19. electronic control ATS( 5 pcs)
S.12.20. electronic timer ( 5 pcs)
S.12.21. external power resistors (R=25%Ra, 50%Ra, 100Ra%) power rating of motor (10 pcs)
S.12.22. inventer motor drive ( variable frequency) ( 5 units)
S.12.23. momentary switch ( 5 pcs)
S.12.24. power factor meter ( 5 pcs)
S.12.25. RMS AC ammeter ( 5 pcs)
S.12.26. RMS AC volmeter ( 5 pcs)
S.12.27. single phasae AC power supply (5 units )
S.12.28. single-phase two-winding transformer (30 units)
S.12.29. tachmoter ( 5 pcs)
S.12.30. three-phase inductive load(1 pc)
S.12.31. torque controller with indicator ( 5 units)
S.12.32. torque controller with indicator ( 5 units)
S.12.33. two-winding transformer ( 5 units)
S.12.34. universal motor controller (UMC) ( 5 pcs)
S.12.35. variable autotransform (VARIAC) ( 5 pcs)
S.12.36. variable capacitive load (5 pcs)
S.12.37. variable inductive load (15 pcs)
S.12.38. variable resistive load (15pcs)
S.12.39. wattmeter (5pcs)
S.13. AC and DC Machinery
S.13.1. AC ammeter (30 pcs)
S.13.2. AC series motor and white torque dics ( 5 units )
S.13.3. AC voltmeter (5pcs)
S.13.4. AC wattmeter (10 pcs)
S.13.5. analog/digital multimeter (5pcs)
S.13.6. cage-rotor induction machine ( 5 units)
S.13.7. connecting wires (10 sets)
S.13.8. DC ammeter (10 pcs)
S.13.9. DC compound machine ( 20 units )
S.13.10. DC power supply (10 pcs)
S.13.11. DC volmeter ( 5 pcs)
S.13.12. direct-on-line starter ( 5 units)
S.13.13. freeware for analysis of AC machines characteristics & performance
S.13.14. freeware for analysis of AC machines characteristics & performance
S.13.15. geenral purpose rheostat (10 pcs)
S.13.16. phase sequence indicator ( 5 units)
S.13.17. rheostat (20 pcs)
S.13.18. single-phase AC power supply ( 5 units)
S.13.19. slip ring machine ( 5 units)
S.13.20. synchroscope ( 5 units)
S.13.21. three-phase capacitive load( 5 units)
S.13.22. three-phase inductive load( 5 units)
S.13.23. three-phase power supply (5 units)
S.13.24. three-phase resistive load ( 5 units)
S.13.25. torque meter ( 5 pcs)
S.13.26. variable resistive load (20 pcs)
S.14. Instrumentation and Control
S.14.1. adjustable DC power supply ( 5 pcs)
S.14.2. digital multi-meter ( 5 pcs)
S.14.3. Experimental Module for sensors, transducers, transmitters and actuators ( 5 pcs)
S.14.4. Flow rate and level Measurement Training Module ( 5 sets)
S.14.5. On-off control Training Module ( 5 sets)
S.14.6. oscilloscope with connectors ( 5 sets)
S.14.7. PID Comtroller with connectors ( 5 sets)
S.14.8. power meter ( 5 pcs)
S.14.9. Pressure Control Training Module ( 5 sets)
S.14.10. RLC meter ( 1 pc)
S.14.11. Training Module for analog data acquisiton, conversion, and digital data recording and retrieveal ( 5 sets)
S.14.12. VOM (5 pcs)
S.15. There is an approval project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP).
S.16. There is an approval Annual Procurement Plan (APP) for laboratory equipment, supplies and matrials.

I.1. The institution implements the special provisions as listed in the CMO 34 s 2008.

O.1. special provision in the CMO 34 s 2008 of the program are complied with.