• S.1. The VMGO are available on bulletin boards, in catalogs/manuals and in other forms of communication media.  View PDF
  • I.1. A system of dissemination and acceptability of the VMGO is enforced.  View PDF
  • I.2. The administrators/faculty attend in service seminars and trainings on awareness and acceptability of the :
    1. I.2.1. Vision and Mission of the Institution;  View PDF
    2. I.2.2. Goals of the College /Academic unit; and  View PDF
    3. I.2.3. Objectives of the Program.  View PDF
  • I.3. The formulation/review/revision of the VMGO is participated in by the following:
    1. I.3.1. administrators;  View PDF
    2. I.3.2. faculty;  View PDF
    3. I.3.3. staff;  View PDF
    4. I.3.4. students; and  View PDF
    5. I.3.5. other stakeholders.  View PDF
  • I.4. The faculty and staff perform their jobs/functions in consonance with the VMGO.  View PDF
  • I.5. The VMGO are widely disseminated to the different agencies, institutions, industry sector and the community.  View PDF
  • O.1. There is full awareness and acceptance of the VMGO by the administrators, faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders.  View PDF
  • O.2. There is congruency between actual educational practices and activities with the following:
    1. O.2.1. Vision and Mission of SUC;  View PDF
    2. O.2.2. Goals of the College/Academic Units; and  View PDF
    3. O.2.3. Objectives of the Electrical Engineering program.  View PDF
  • O.3. The goals and objectives are being achieved.  View PDF