The extent of Compliance

1.Organizational structure in every unit or office reflects and shows the administrative functions and relationships including the line of authority and responsibility of the office, as shown in the figures below. 

2.As shown below are the updated Organizational chart. 

3.Figure below reflects the involvement of concerned faculty, staff and students in the budgetary preparation.  View PDF for Strat Plan. 

4.As shown in the attached file there is is regular schedule for the monitoring and evaluation of the Development Plan.  View PDF for the Strat Plan. 

5.Monitoring and Evaluation instrument of the Development Plan has been revised and updated to make it relevant and congruent with the Development Plan. 

6. Reports and other pertinent documents are evident and as duly signed/acknowledge by the unit head. 

7.The updated records are made available in the record office for easy access and retrieval.  

8. As reflected in the PPP the extent of Compliance in the previous survey visit. Please refer to the prepared PPP for survey visit level 2 of the Electrical Engineering Program.

9.The record system in the ICT services are made available to allow easy access of data and information needed by the academic community and stakeholders, especially the students.