• S.1. There is a written Collection Development Policy. view PDF file
  • S.2. There is a core collection of at least: view PDF file
    • S.2.1. 5,000 titles for the Academic Unit Library; or view PDF file
    • S.2.2. 10,000 titles that support the instruction, research and other programs for an institution Library. view PDF file
  • S.3. Twenty percent (20%) of the library holdings are of current edition, i.e. with copyright within the last 5 years. view GOOGLE DRIVE
  • S.4. The Non-print, digital and electronic resources are available. view GOOGLE DRIVE
  • S.5. There is an integrated library system. view PDF file
  • S.6. There are provisions for the preservation, general care, and upkeep of library resources. view PDF file


  • I.1. The Collection Development Policy is regularly reviewed and evaluated by the Library Committee. view PDF file
  • I.2. The library collection and services support the mission and vision of the institution, goals of the College/Academic Unit and objectives of the Program. view PDF file
  • I.3. The library provides, sufficient research books and materials to supplement the client’s curricular needs. view GOOGLE DRIVE
  • I.4. The library maintains an extensive (15% of the total) Filipiniana collection. view PDF file
  • I.5. The library provides 3-5 book/journal titles for professional subjects in the major fields of specialization. view PDF file
  • I.6. The Library collection is organized according to an accepted scheme of classification and standard code of cataloging. view PDF file
  • I.7. Regular weeding-out program is conducted to maintain a relevant and updated collection. view GOOGLE DRIVE
  • I.8. The quality and quantity of library materials and resources conform with the standards set for a particular academic program. view PDF file


  • O.1. The library core collection is adequate, updated and well-balanced. view PDF file
  • O.2. The professional books, journals and electronic resources for the program are sufficient. view PDF file