• S.1. The Dean/Academic Unit Head possesses the required educational qualification, experience and other prescribed requirements to administer the College/Academic Unit as follows:
    1. S.1.1. holder of baccalaureate and master’s degree in engineering, preferably in the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering;  View PDF
    2. S.1.2. preferably holder of doctorate degree in engineering or related fields;  View PDF
    3. S.1.3.must have a maximum teaching experience of not less than five (5) years;  View PDF
    4. S.1.4. At least five (5) years of administrative experience and at least five (5) field experience; and  View PDF
    5. S.1.5. registered engineer.  View PDF
  • S.2. The Department Chair/s, or their equivalent has appropriate/relevant educational qualification and experience.  View PDF
  • I.1. The Dean is assisted by the department Chair/s (or their equivalent) with appropriate/relevant educational qualification and experience.  View PDF
  • I.2. The Dean implements a supervisory program.  View PDF
  • I.3. The Dean participates in the recruitment and promotion of faculty and support staff.  View PDF
  • I.4. The Dean, faculty and the administration work together for the improvement of the College/Academic Unit, particularly in:
    1. I.4.1. setting standards and targets;  View PDF
    2. I.4.2. planning of programs and other related activities;  View PDF
    3. I.4.3.  implementing, monitoring and evaluation of plans, programs and other related activities;   View PDF
    4. I.4.4. establishing linkages, partnerships and networking;  View PDF
    5. I.4.5 providing opportunities for professional growth and development for the faculty and staff;  View PDF
    6. I.4.6. preparing policies and guidelines on the internal administration and operation of the College/Academic Unit; and  View PDF
    7. I.4.7 preparing guidelines on the proper use and maintenance of facilities, equipment, supplies and materials, etc.  View PDF
  • I.5. Definite criteria and procedures in the selection and promotion of the most qualified faculty and staff are observed.  View PDF
  • I.6. The Dean, faculty, staff and students purse collaborative activities in generating resources and income, and in implementing cost-effective measures.  View PDF
  • I.7. The Dean implements policies and procedures on internal administration and operations of the College/Academic Unit.  View PDF
  • O.1. The College/Academic Unit is efficiently and effectively managed.  View PDF