1. The administration shows immense support to all research undertakings, as manifested by the provision of a conductive Research, Development and Extension building, sufficient to hold trainings related to research activities.
  2. The research agenda/thrusts of the institution capture the current national and regional priorities to conduct more promising research activities.
  3. There is an adequate funding for research activities.


  1. Relevant documents to support the benchmark statements are not evident. (View Files)
  2. Research and results of completed researches are not yet utilized to target clientele for commercialization. (View Files)
  3. There are only few faculty members involved in the conduct of research activities such as paper presentations and publications. (View Files)
  4. The approved RDE Manual is not yet copyrighted. (View Files)
  5. The university research journal is still hold the old accreditation status from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). (View Files)
  6. There was a limited participation of stakeholders in the formulation of research agenda as basis for identifying institutional thrusts and priorities. (View Files)


    1. Proper documentation may be observed during the conduct of significant research activities to serve as proof/evidence for complete supporting documents. (View Files)
    2. Utilization of research results to target clientele is encouraged so that more Income Generating Programs (IGPs) will be created.(View Files)
    3. The administration may provide a more attractive reward system to encourage more faculty to conduct research activities. (View Files) (View Files)
    4. It is preferable that the RDE Manual be copyrighted to legally protect it.(View Files) (View Files)
    5. The journal should re-apply and secure the award from CHED journal accreditation system which is the Journal Incentives Program (JIP). (View Files)
    6. The university may encourage the stakeholders to participate in the formulation of research agenda; and provide and avenue wherein the stakeholders’ thoughts are taken considerably. (View Files)