State of Compliance:

  1. The administration may consider the hiring of additional Registered Guidance Counsellor to satisfy the CMO prescribed Guidance Counsellor to Student Ratio 1: 1000 order to meet the guidance service needs of every student.
  2. Policies and guidelines for admission requirements and procedures of persons with disability may be included in the next revision of student handbook.
  3. The administration may consider the construction of a777dditional facilities for person with disability, especially the PWD-friendly access of transferring from lower to higher floor level and vice-versa.
  4. Mechanism to establish partnerships and collaboration with other institutions, agencies and other industries may be given attention in order to attract more partner for possible exchange of services, immersion and job placement.
  5. Bigger space may be provided in order to have a room conductive for counselling.
  6. Publication/dissemination of accomplished research on the student affairs services is recommended. This may help to further improve the delivery of services to the students.
  7. A reward system may be given to SAS staff for having an exemplary job performance.