Area I


Parameter A: Statement of Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

System – Inputs and Process
S.1 The institution has a system of determining the Vision and Mission.
S.2 The Vision clearly reflects what the institution hopes to become in the future.
S.3 The Mission clearly reflects the institution’s legal and other statutory mandate.
S.4 The Goals of the College/Academic Unit are consistent with the Mission of the institution.
S.5 The Objectives of the program have the expected outcomes in terms of competencies (skills and knowledge), values and other attributes of the graduates which include the development of:

S.5.1. scientific habit of thought.
S.5.2. entry level competencies in Enviromental Science;
S.5.3. research and extension capabilities
S.5.4. entrepreneurial skills.
S.5.5. students’ own ideas, desirable attitudes, personal discipline and moral character
S.5.6. critical thinking skills.

S.5.7. aesthetic and cultural values.

I.1 The Institution/College conducts a review on the statement of the Vision and Mission as well as its goals and program objectives for the approval of authorities concerned.
I.2 The College/Academic Unit follows a system of formulating its goals and the objectives of the program.
I.3 The College/Academic Unit’s faculty, personnel, students and other stakeholders (cooperating agencies, linkages, alumni, industry sector and other concerned groups) participate in the formulation, review and/or revision of the VMGO.

O.1 The VMGO are crafted and duly approved by the BOR/BOT.


S.1. The VMGO are available on bulletin boards in catalogs/manuals and in other forms of communication media.

I.1. A system of dissemination and acceptability of the VMGO is enforced.
I.2. The administrators/faculty attend in-service seminars and training on awareness and acceptability of the:

I.2.1. Vision and Mission of the Institution.
I.2.2. Goals of the College/ Academic Unit; and
I.2.3. Objectives of the Program.

I.3. The formulation/review/revision of the VMGO is participated in by the following:

I.3.1. administrators;
I.3.2. faculty
I.3.3. staff;
I.3.4. students; and
I.3.5. other stakeholders

I.4. The faculty and staff perform their jobs/functions in consonance with the VMGO.
I.5. The VMGO are widely disseminated to the different agencies, institutions industry sector and the community.

O.1. There is full awareness and acceptance of the VMGO by the administrators, faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders.
O.2. There is congruency between actual educational practices and activities with the following:

O.2.1. Vision and Mission of the SUC;
O.2.2. Goals of the College/Academic Unit of Electrical Engineering; and
O.2.3. Objectives of the Electrical Engineering program.

O.3. The goals and objectives are being achieved.